Asset succession

Anyone who owns assets, such as property or company shares, will inevitably face the question of when and how to pass them on to future generations.

Even the decision to part with some of your wealth during your lifetime needs to be carefully considered. After all, anything that has already been passed on during your lifetime can no longer be used as a "nest egg" for your own sale in old age. Conversely, there are many good reasons to address succession planning in good time: High net worth individuals, for example, can benefit from gift tax exemptions several times over. In addition, an early agreement involving both the selling parents and the children can prevent later disputes about how to deal with one's own inheritance.

Please contact us at any time for a no-obligation consultation. We will discuss with you whether a lifetime succession is advisable and how best to achieve it. Particularly in the case of larger estates, it may be appropriate to consider setting up a family company or even a foundation to manage the assets. Naturally, we will work closely with your tax, legal and other business advisers on all these matters.