Inheritance and bequests

Many people do not find it easy to think about the consequences of their own death and then to take the organisation of their succession into their own hands. It is only in rare cases that it is advisable to leave it to the validity of the legal succession. For example, in the case of an existing marriage, it is not possible to provide the best possible protection for the spouse who lives longer. This is because the surviving spouse would end up in a community of heirs with the children or other close relatives of the deceased. As a result, decisions concerning the estate can almost always only be made jointly.

We will be happy to advise you on the drafting of a will or inheritance contract that is suitable for your individual situation. There are many advantages to notarisation in this area:

The heirs usually do not need a certificate of inheritance to prove their legal status to banks, authorities, etc. after death. This not only minimises post-mortem bureaucracy, but often saves money. This not only minimises post-mortem bureaucracy, but often results in an overall cost saving. We also ensure that your will is expressed in legally clear and unambiguous terms. We know from experience that many intra-family inheritance disputes are caused by missing or poorly drafted handwritten wills.

As notaries we are also happy to act for you in other areas of inheritance law, for example when it comes to,

  • Applying for a certificate of inheritance or a European certificate of inheritance,
  • Drafting and notarising a contract between several heirs for the purpose of settling the inheritance of individual items (such as real estate),
  • Fulfilling legacies provided for in a will or a contract of inheritance after the death of the testator,
  • Disclaiming a recently acquired inheritance (in this case, please contact us as soon as possible because of the time limit for disclaiming the inheritance).