A road accident, a fall during everyday activities or a sudden medical emergency can happen to any of us at any time, even in our younger years. As you get older, dementia and other illnesses can mean that you can no longer look after your own affairs. If you have not made arrangements in good time, a guardian will be appointed by the court to act as your legal representative. This is not always the person you would have trusted.

With a health care proxy, you can decide in advance who will look after your assets and health in the event of care or other emergencies. What is often not recognised: Only a notarised power of attorney creates a truly comprehensive capacity to act. A power of attorney issued in private writing is not sufficient for the execution of the land register in connection with the settlement of property-related matters or for taking out a consumer loan in the name of the person concerned.

As your notaries in Düsseldorf-Gerresheim, we will draw up an advance power of attorney tailored to your case, together with a care directive - to be included purely as a precautionary measure. If you wish, we can supplement this with a living will, in which you specify the extent to which you wish to receive medical treatment and care in the last phase of your life, after you have become incapable of making decision.