Another core task of a notary is to assist you as an entrepreneur in all matters relating to commercial and company law. Only those who know the legal framework of entrepreneurial activity and use the available structuring options to their advantage will be successful on the market in the long term.

Choosing the right legal form and organisational structure is crucial in the start-up phase. In close consultation with your business, legal and tax advisors, we will draw up a tailor-made Memorandum and Articles of Association and have them notarised and then registered with the Commercial Register.

Even when a company is already in operation, our notarial services can be used in a variety of ways: For example, we can assist you with all amendments to your company's articles of association, changes in management or the board of directors, capital measures, transformations and the necessary registrations of control or profit and loss transfer agreements, from the drafting of the necessary documents to the execution of the registration.

You are also welcome to contact us if you wish to buy or sell a company or a share in a company. Depending on the size of the proposed transaction, we will prepare the necessary draft agreements or take the draft already negotiated by your legal advisors and reviewed by us for notarisation, in English if required.

If you are the owner of a family business, we can also assist you with the often complex issues that arise in the context of planned generational succession. Only in the rarest of cases is a simple transfer of the business interest, possibly accompanied by provisions for the economic security of the seller, sufficient. As a rule, it is necessary to analyse the planned succession in more detail, also in the light of family and inheritance law, and to keep the tax implications in mind. We can do this for you, of course in close cooperation with your other business or tax advisors.