Marriage and family

Separation and divorce have been shown to have unforeseen and unwanted consequences. This is partly due to the fact that, while the marriage is intact, people rarely want to think about what should happen in the event of a later crisis. We recommend that you, as an existing or future spouse, do not "take a chance" but seek qualified advice on these issues. In a joint discussion, we will analyse whether it makes sense for you to enter into a prenuptial agreement in which matrimonial (i.e., directly property-related) aspects as well as pension equalisation or maintenance issues can be regulated in advance by mutual agreement. Occasionally, it may also be necessary to accompany the prenuptial agreement with a tailor-made plan for property succession.

How a suitable prenuptial agreement can look for you can only be clarified in a personal discussion with you and depends very much on your current personal and economic situation as well as your life plans for the future. As notaries, we are going find a suitable arrangement that will serve you well for years and decades to come.

In the event of a crisis in the marriage, we are also your competent contact for drawing up separation or divorce agreements. Here we focus on helping you to divide assets - such as jointly acquired property - and to resolve all other post-marital issues. We encourage you to come and see us for a joint consultation so that we can explore the key points of an amicable settlement. If, at the outset, you feel that it is difficult to reach agreement, we will act as a mediator between the conflicting interests and try to work out a contractual arrangement that is acceptable to both parties.